Black Elegance Bracelet
Women Black and Crystal Bracelet
Ruby Red Bracelet
Women's Multi Red Handmade Jewelry

9 1/2 in long from end to end

7 1/2 jewels
Gold Aqua Bracelet
Women's Aqua and Gold Bracelet with a Barrel clasp

8 1\2 in long from end to end

7in jewels
Gold and purple Bracelet
Women's Gold and Purple Bracelet with crystals. With Barrel clasp

9 1/4in long from end to end

8 3/4in jewels
Aqua Black Bracelet
Women's Aqua and Black Bracelet. With Crystals..

11in from end to end.. multi length chain

8in jewels
Gold and silver signature bracelet
Women's Gold/Silver Signature Bracelet with clasp

9in long from end to end

7 1/2in pearls
Pink Signature Bracelet
Women's Frosted Pink pearl beads/ with full cdiamonds name

10in from end to end

8 1/4in jewels
Frosted Aqua Bracelet
Women's Aqua Frosted Pearl Bracelets. With cdiamonds

9in long from end to end

7 1/2 just pearls
Black Signature Bracelet
Women's Black beaded signature bracelet with full Cdiamonds
8 1/2in long end to end
7in beads
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